Mobile Electronics Aren’t Just For Cars Anymore – Audio, Video

When you hear the phrase “mobile electronics” you probably assume that it’s car audio. But today the world of car audio and mobile electronics encompasses so much more than just cars and a lot more than just stereos. From yachts to classic cars to Power Wheels, the full range of mobile electronics is ideal for whatever vehicle you drive!

While some car audio shops are stuck in the past, simply turning up the volume on stock stereos with subwoofers, many are expanding their installations to creative, innovative applications. Mobile video, iPod integration, and even in car TV are all growth areas in car enhancement, but smart shops are also broadening their customer base by branching out into servicing other types of vehicles.

For example, marine electronics is a rapidly growing area for many installers, with wakeboarding set-ups and marine video being increasingly popular. Others are reaching out into niche markets like motorcycle sound systems. I’ve even heard of a car electronics shop that tricked out a Power Wheels with some serious speakers and blue neon.

In the end, the market for souped up Power Wheels is probably pretty small, but it illustrates just how innovative today’s mobile electronics can be. If you’re interested in customizing any vehicle-and I do mean any vehicle at all-contact your local car audio shop. Skilled installers should be able to equip just about any ride with car electronics, and a creative team may even be able to help you design a custom array. From four-wheelers to power riding toys to motorcycles, boats, and cars, with today’s high-tech equipment, the sky really is the limit for mobile electronics installation. With the help of your car customization shop, you can turn just about anything into the vehicle of your dreams!

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