High-Resolution Audio and Where You Can Download It

Now, you will have all heard of high-resolution televisions and movie files, but did you know that high resolution is also a thing? Not only does it exist but it has actually been available since the mid-’90s. it is just becoming more mainstream now as many other devices are able to support it.

So, what is High-Resolution Audio?

High-resolution audio when put simply is a file that has a far greater sampling frequency than a CD. Essentially meaning that listeners will be able to enjoy music at the quality it was intended when being recorded.

The reason why this technology has not taken off before is that devices were not able to support it. This is now changing with many high-end smartphones, tablets, and computers all having the ability to play hi-res audio using one of the numerous file formats of FLAC, ALAC, WAV, AIFF, and DSD.

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