Auto-Tune for Songs – What All You Should Know

Some voices are beautiful while hearing in a movie song and then there is the same voice that sounds a bit off while hearing in person. Do you know that most of the music that you hear in the movies or on YouTube is auto-tuned? It is now a piece of common knowledge for most of the music lovers out there but many are still under the impression that the singers’ voices in videos are just how they sound.

Auto-tune is basically a processor for audio which was created by Antares Audio Technologies and is their trademark. It uses a device to modify the pitch in vocal music and instrumentals while recording and performing.

From top Hollywood musicians and artists to our very own well-known Bollywood singers, many of them use auto-tune. By the end of this article, you can go on to different websites to download your favourite Neha Kakkar songs or maybe Armaan Malik songs, download them and try to see if you can sense an Auto-Tune.

Originally, the auto-tune technique was a well-hidden secret and a smart trick to smooth out the singer’s pitch imperfections. This technique was used behind the scenes only for a few pitch off-notes or to modify certain elements in the song. But now it is used in almost every other song.

Many would recognize an auto-tuned voice in many of the latest Hindi songs. There are many indications of how you notice autotuned music.

The usage of auto-tune and other voice-altering or modulating purposes has lately been surrounded by mixed responses, with many of them being highly critical. Critics have commented that auto-tune shows the inability of a singer to sing well owing to their bad voices. Many say that auto-tune makes singers sound like robots due to the high electric vibe that it produces. It went so far that Time Magazine included Auto-Tune as a part of their list for ‘the 50 Worst Inventions’.

On the other hand, people have argued that auto-tuning can also have more new possibilities and developments in the music arena. Because after all, what is wrong with modifying or smoothing out certain parts to produce good music? They say that trying different modifying tools, in fact, allows experimenting and gives new variations to the original music, thereby just making it better. Artists use accordingly it to suit their tastes and creating a distinct characteristic for their voice or tune.

So, if you are a budding musician who wants to foray into professional music creation, you can try your hands on Auto-tune based on your preference. Or you can simply go with your original recording. The choice is all yours. You can do it in a recording studio or there are many tutorials available on the internet on how you can auto-tune your voice or your instruments.

The Auto-Tune culture may be argued by many, but it remains the most popular and trending inventions of our time in the music industry.