Five Best Tablet Computers for Kids

Computer tablet is not only for adult classes. The device could now be a learning tool for children. Here are the five best tablet computer for kids version of the site Techradar.

1. Prophet 2

The device has a Nvidia Tegra 3 chipset is fairly cheap. Priced at  £ 149, or about Rp2, 3 million. Prophet 2 has 8GB of RAM memory with a screen resolution 1.024×600 pixels.

Computer tablet also has two cameras untukvideo chat. To minimize damage from slamming, you can install the protector with colors that match the character of the child. With these devices, children can learn math, English and other subjects. Continue reading “Five Best Tablet Computers for Kids”

Tips to Avoid Twitter, Facebook or your email in-Hack

Last year in the United States occurred splashy event where one account FoxNews TV media owned by Murdoch hacked by one of the hacker group that has an alliance with anonymus.
Great news but the fact that it was done by the hackers to hack the account but not just post a few sentences related to “Hoax news about the murder of President Obama in Iowa”.
Of course it’s a very long story and get a headline in the entire United States and the world.
It is common knowledge that FoxNews always displays news stories to discredit President Obama and with tweets like this certainly makes FoxNews throe.
No need to discuss who is doing the hacking. Who need to know how to avoid hacking.
There are some tips by some intrusion specialist: Continue reading “Tips to Avoid Twitter, Facebook or your email in-Hack”