Benefits of Tamarind

Tamarind (Leguminosae) derived from Africa. Tamarind generally thrives in tropical areas. Containing tamarind flavor is acidic tatrat acid, malic acid, citric acid, succinic acid, and acetic acid. Almost all parts of the tamarind has benefits. People often consume a mixture of tamarind for cooking, such as bacem, seasoning stir, put in a sour vegetable, or fish to fry.

Tamarind useful to smooth bowel movement, improve blood circulation, reducing menstrual pain, eliminate vaginal discharge, body slimming, prevent hair loss, and so on. Fruit acid can also be used to clean items made of metal and brass. Acid leaves can be launched while defecating and relieving pain. Flavonoid contained in tamarind leaves are as anti-inflammatory, helps remove sweat, and relieve pain.

Research says that estrak tamarind seeds have strong anti-bacterial, especially against bacteria E. Coli. From research conducted in Surabaya known that carrying herbs containing tamarind experience less contamination with bacteria. Tamarind drinks also been shown to boost immunity. Tamarind in calories, protein, fat, carbohydrate, calcium, phosphorus, iron, vitamin A, vitamin B1, and vitamin C.

Immunization to Prevent Disease Early

Immunization is the prevention of certain diseases in a person by administering the vaccine. The vaccine is an antigen that can be active or inactive microorganisms or toxins derived from attenuated. Vaccine could be through injection, such as a vaccine BCG, DPT, DT, TT, Measles, and Hepatitis B. Meanwhile, given the polio vaccine orally. Giving the vaccine early and routinely to infants and toddlers are known to raise the body’s natural immunity. The way it’s very effective, easy, and inexpensive to ward off infectious diseases.


Diphtheria diseases including infectious disease caused by the bacterium Corynebacterium diphtheria. The bacteria nesting and breeding in the throat with a very powerful toxin. Transmission can occur through air or splashing when the patient coughs or sneezes. Toxin from the bacteria that can damage the respiratory tract and enter the blood stream can lead to abnormalities in vital organs such as the heart. The disease mainly affects children under five, when diphtheria can be warded off with DPT immunization.
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Traffic jam. Cars crept like a snail. Though still a long way home. While it’s about time the baby is breastfed. Panic? Do not! Now it’s time you learn to save milk.

Expressing milk

Wear hand
Practical and economical manner. In fact, many mothers feel expressing milk by hand faster than bantu.tentu tool before doing so in a public place, enclosed spaces and comfortable looking.

Before you start flushing, washing hands with soap to clean. Gently massage the breast in a circular motion from the outside toward the central (nipple). Do not touch the nipple.
Put a storage container near the breast milk.
Milking a little milk, then apply on the nipple and areola (the area blackish breast)
Put your thumb and forefinger on the border of the areola at 6 and 12 hours, then apply pressure to the top and bottom without changing the position of the finger in 6-12 hours. Repeat this until the milk flow down, then change the position, for example at 9 and 3 o’clock. Do the same thing on every corner. Continue reading “Saving”

Saving Calcium for Bone and Dental Health

Calcium Do We Need

After bone growth has peaked, this means that there is no other way, unless enough calcium early as possible. According to the National Institutes of Health Consensus Development Conference Statement, Optimal Calcium Intake, intake of calcium each age group and gender diverse.

Age 0-1 years, calcium 600 mg / day.
Age 1-5 years, calcium 800 mg / day.
Aged 6-10 years, calcium 800-1200 mg / day.
Aged 11-24 years, calcium 1200-1500 mg / day.
Age 25-50 years, calcium 1000 mg / day.
Age> 50 years, calcium 1000-1500 mg / day
Meanwhile, according to nutritionist doctor Siti Fatimah Moeis MSc, graduated from the University of London, adequacy rate average calcium recommended for Indonesian people ranging from 500-800 mg per person per day. For elderly and postmenopausal women greater calcium intake, which is about 1,000 mg / day. Excess calcium intake does not need to worry, if the child does not have abnormalities in her organs, excess calcium is excreted through urine and feces. Continue reading “Saving Calcium for Bone and Dental Health”

Stimulating Children Intelligence

Your role as a parent in a child’s developing brain function not only in fetal life, but until childhood. Therefore, parents are the first teachers and the principal to the child’s brain. What can you do to make the intelligence of children to develop optimally aroused?

Based on the research of experts, the human brain growth rate peaked twice, namely in fetus at 15 weeks gestation to 20, and at 30 weeks gestation until the baby is 18 months old.

Two days above is the most important time for parents to play an active role in stimulating the brain intelligence. Because stimuli were given at this age can change the size and function of the brain chemical. Therefore, in addition to their nutritional intake must be considered, the widest possible opportunity to explore with holding, throwing, pushing, pulling and experimenting, you have to give.
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Getting more with Prebiotics

History of Probiotics

Use of live microbes in food has a long history. In early 1900, Elie Metchnikoff (Mr. immunology) writing the theory that people who drink a lot of Bulgarian yoghurt proved more youthful than those not drinking yoghurt. He mentions the “Bulgarian bacillus” in yogurt, which eventually known as Lactobacillus bulgaricus and used for the manufacture of yoghurt.

Metchnikoff concluded that “Dependence of microorganisms in the human body to a food will cause the microorganism can be modified and nasty microorganisms in the body can be replaced with a more rewarding.”

The term probiotic, which is derived from Greek and means “for life”, was first used by Lilly and Stillwell in 1965 to describe “substances released by a microorganism which stimulate growth”.

Experts WHO / FAO defines probiotics as live bacteria that, when given the appropriate amount would have beneficial effects on the human body.
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Modern Minimalist Home Design 2013

Design your dream home like what? Is modern minimalist house design? Mediterranean? Traditional? Classic? or you want to design a simple house but still has the form of a minimalist home? Currently a simple minimalist home design is also one popular option for easy maintenance yet still pleasing to the eye. Simple design small home an ideal choice in a narrow and limited land as in urban areas.

If you need references and examples of home design simple, the easiest you can get through the brochures on housing package now widely offered. If you look carefully, you will find some simple house design, minimalist house facade that varies with the model. Example is the most minimalist house design type 36, or if it is still not big enough, you can also find in the minimalist house design type 45, or any other type you want.

Minimalist home architecture into current trends. Technology continues to evolve, the materials also provide positive support for a minimalist home design. System structure in the design of modern minimalist house with typical use of lightweight steel roof truss, aluminum sills and other manufacturing modern impression. If you want a modern minimalist house types, material types are also worth a try for you. Thus you will have the latest modern minimalist house using the most advanced materials.

If until now you have not determined what house design you want, you can adjust to the lifestyle that you like the most. Do you want to keep abreast of modern minimalist house design technology, or you really love art and enjoy the cultural wisdom? you can use the services of a professional home design to translate the ideas and lifestyles in the home design. Or you can also find references through home design magazines that are now widely circulated. You will see many examples of pictures of modern minimalist house that can later trigger ideas for you that you can later apply to modern minimalist design your dream home.

Toys, Kids Learn to Increase Motivation

Every child really loves to play. For the little guy, the activity is not just having fun. Playing is very useful for helping to make it more optimal growth. So the selection of toys is crucial for optimal benefits.

As well as working for adults, play is work for children. Through play, your child will learn about the world and its surroundings. He has the opportunity to explore the environment and develop the skills, values, attitudes, tolerance, and understanding. Play is a way of expressing feelings and emotions faster than conveying verbal expression.

As a tool for playing, the selection of toys and play materials is crucial for optimal benefits. Abundant toy is useless if the toy has no educational value. That is, the toy gives enjoyment or play while learning the benefits of a particular skill. However, does not mean you also have to fill your child with educational toys that are too much. Toy is just one contributing factor to optimize brain development of children.

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Deal with Trans Fats

With the increasing need for human consumption, food industry food processing also looking for ways that will make it more durable and practically consumed, it gives birth to Trans Fatty Acids (trans fatty acids). However, not all manufacturers use the name, some use Namaa €?? Partially hydrogenatedâ €?? or shortening.

Trans fat is the result of a process of adding hydrogen to vegetable oil through a hydrogenation process. This process produces a more solid fat instead of oil, so it is also more durable. The use of these fats in the food manufacturing process will make the age of the food produced longer and reduce oily impression.

But in the era of 90s was found that when you eat trans fats, then akab effect other than increasing levels of LDL (bad) cholesterol, also lowers levels of HDL (good cholesterol). Currently, trans fats are found in vegetable oils, margarine, biscuits, pastries, donuts, french fries and fast food. Continue reading “Deal with Trans Fats”

Minimalist Home Interior Design Ideas, 2013

Did you know that the concept of a minimalist home is still going to be a trend in the year 2013 and the years to come.? Of course we are not a fortune teller, but architects and interior design trends all point to the themes of minimalism. Since the theme is still very minimalist architect dominate the world today. Minimalist home design today is prioritizing simplicity seen in geometric shapes and clean look. But it all depends on homeowners rather than later.

Here are some of the characteristics of minimalist interior design that diranalkan will be the trend in 2013:

1. Determine the pattern.

Determine the pattern means any room design should be designed in accordance with the principles of the concept of minimalist, simple, clean, tidy, less ornamentation and many others. Although it could be added with decorative ornaments, but choose one that suits the minimalist theme.

2. Importance Wall Hanging

Wall hangings have an important role for the aesthetic aspects of interior. Generally, the presence of wall hangings such as paintings placed in the middle of the room to create or make a major focus on it. In addition, you can also hang a picture frame has a unique frame.

3. Selection of Curtain

The selection of blinds is recommended to choose a plain curtain motif. Choose curtains that has a simple design, and color matched with the color room curtains, curtains aims to blend with the surrounding area.

4. Selection of Floor

Choose tiles that have a large size. Or you can also use a wood floor that has also been widely used in a minimalist design. You can also use the carpet color in tune with the feel of the room.