Brain Nutrition For Smart Kids

Make sure you provide adequate nutrition for your child’s brain in order for it to grow healthy and smart. Nutritional deficiencies will result in the development of the nervous system becomes impaired children. It is based on research published in the British Medical Journal.

For your child to grow up healthy and intelligent, the most necessary needs such as the brain is fat builder. Fats, particularly fatty acids (DHA and ARA), is an important nutrient for the growth of the brain and the eyes of the child. The second deficiency of essential fatty acids at birth it will cause low birth weight and small head circumference. As a result, the development of the central nervous system and cognitive abilities later in life will also be affected.

To meet the need of fatty acids, milk should be given as optimal as possible for the little guy. Breast milk fatty acids were found to contain the brain needs in order to thrive. Based on studies conducted by the University of Kentucky Chandler Medical Center, USA, proven IQ breast-fed babies are much higher compared with infants who are not breastfed. While the child is given solid foods, fatty acid requirement can be met by providing fish, eggs, and fortified milk DHA and ARA.

Glucose, which is found in foods that are rich in carbohydrates, an important fuel for the brain so that the brain can function optimally. Information processing and memory capabilities can work well if the brain glucose requirements are met. It all can be obtained by giving the children different kinds of nuts, fruits like bananas, and vegetables such as cassava leaves and sweet potato leaves.

Smart brain is also affected by the presence of protein formation of neurotransmitters. Protein is an amino acid compounds that contribute to information processing in the brain. Levels are highly dependent on how much protein is in the food consumed daily. Needs that can be obtained from fish, meat, cheese, yogurt, and nuts. While the need for fruits and vegetables enriched antioxidants is necessary to protect the brain from damage to brain cells that can cause children to remember and difficult learning process becomes slow.