Discipline teaches While Eating

In addition to training independence, the introduction of discipline at meals also teach your child good eating habits.

Is it true that the baby can be invited to discipline? Arlene Eisenberg et al, in his book on the First Year Infants mention, age 10 months is a good time to start introducing discipline in children. Above that age, the task of introducing parental discipline will be more severe. Therefore, the memory of the little guy has been highly developed. He already had plenty of recording various habits and behaviors that have been done by the people around him.

Many disciplines that can be applied to infants. One is to introduce discipline while eating. Yes, at the age of 10 months are generally children are beginning to show their independence. He wanted to hold his own spoon feeding and no longer fed. Although initially may be dirty and messy, through this activity, your child can find something new, such as causality, temperature differences, and learn to concentrate.

In addition to an ever increasing eating skills, before 1 year of age, children also began to develop his diet. Well, at this point you can introduce discipline to your baby. The purpose of discipline is not just for children to follow the rules when eating, also in order for it to grow into an independent individual. For example, by applying a good diet, eating regularly and eating a balanced nutritious diet.

In addition to diet, you can also teach manners at the dinner table. For that, get used to the little guy sitting in the seat of his greatness at meal times, do not take food that has fallen and ate it, along with other family members sat around the dinner table, or instill a particular meal hours that you have defined as a feeding schedule for him.

In essence, make the feeding process as a means of education for your child in addition to meeting the nutritional needs for growth and development. Education through discipline while eating, you can form a child’s appetite, teach good eating behaviors, and improve mental and moral qualities of the child.

Start Discipline

Consistency is very important. If today the baby should wash hands before eating cake, tomorrow should be. Basic principles instilled discipline should continue until the child is considered as part of the rules themselves.
Never Too Tight
Avoid setting too high a standard of discipline (strict). Remember, no man is perfect, especially as he was a baby. The digestive system is not used to receiving regular food every time at the exact same time. Discipline will be effective when there is no element of coercion in it.